All Printable Coloring Mandalas

Learn how to draw a mandala! In this drawing lesson, Ill show you how I constructed the colorful mandala you see above. Although it looks complicated, its actually quite easy, once you know the steps!

Mandalas can contain both geometric and organic forms. They can also contain recognizable images that carry meaning for the person who is creating it.

In essence, mandalas represent the connection between our inner worlds and outer reality. Designing your own mandalas can be both inspirational and therapeutic.

My ebook of Mandala Coloring Pages is perfect for those who want ready-made, blank mandala designs to color.

If you want to learn how to create your own mandalas, continue reading my popular mandala-making lesson below!

When you create your own mandala, think of it as an echo of your soul. Drawing and coloring a mandala can be a highly enriching personal experience in which you look inside yourself and find the shapes, colors and patterns to represent anything from your current state of mind to your most deeply-desired wish for yourself, for a loved one, or for humanity.

You can design a mandala to symbolize a state of mind that you would like to achieve. Mandalas are great tools for meditation and increasing self-awareness. Many different cultures around the world use mandalas in their spiritual practices.

The best thing about designing your own mandals is that you have the freedom to choose whatever shapes and colors that you feel express your sense of self and your view of reality. Your mandala is yours, and you have the freedom to use your creativity to create a mandala drawing that is uniquely you.

Once you know the basic steps of how to draw a mandala, you can try now new designs and new colors each time you draw a new mandala.

You dont need many materials to learn how to draw a mandala. All you need is:

Next, use your ruler and a pencil to draw a dot in the very center of the square, as shown above.

The next step in how to draw a mandala is to draw a series of circles around this dot. Once youve drawn the dot in the center of your square, one easy way to draw circles is to use a compass. If you dont have a compass, dont worry - drawing circles is easy if you follow these steps:

You can continue making as many rows of these dots as you like. I chose to make 3 rows of dots, as you can see above.

The important thing is to make sure that the dots you make are all equidistant from the center dot.

Now that youve drawn your dots, its time to connect them. Draw a straight vertical line connecting the dots that go up and down, and a straight horizontal line connecting the dots that go one either side. See above for an example of this step in how to draw a mandala.

Next, draw another series of dots at the same distances from the center as your first series of dots. See the example above. The yellow arrows point to where the new row of dots will be located. Try to make them at a 45 degree angle to the perpendicular lines.

Draw four rows of dots, making a large x shape. See the example above.

Next, use your ruler to connect the dots you just made. Now your picture should look like the picture above.

Now youll want to connect the dots into circles. To do this, start at one dot, and draw a curved line to the next dot, and so on.

Its okay if you make mistakes. In the example above, you can see 2 instances in the outermost circle where I made a mistake the first time around. If this is your first time learning how to draw a mandala, trust me - it will be even easier the next time you do it.

Just make sure you draw lightly enough that you can easily erase any mistakes.

Now that youve drawn the basic outline for your mandala, you can begin drawing designs in your mandala!

I chose to use two different colors of colored pencil to draw in my design.

You can start from the center, or you can start from anywhere where you feel inspired to make some marks.